A Guide On How To Find A Ghostwriter To Write Memoirs

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The art of ghostwriting is a relatively new idea to any individual outside the world of publishing. Thirty years ago, no person really had an understanding of this industry or how to hire a ghostwriter and many people still are unaware of their existence – strong emphasis on the word ‘ghost’. However, with the popularity of memoirs and people’s desire to write novels without any knowledge of writing has increased the interest in finding a confidential ghostwriter. In fact, bestselling author Robert Harris states that he receives at least three emails per day from people who feel they may need a ghostwriter professional. Here are some points to consider on how to find a ghostwriter to write memoirs.

1. Skills In Assessing An Idea Or Story

A good ghostwriter is not only able to offer writing skills, but is a person that will assist in assessing the story or idea for a novel (in this case memoirs). This is an important stage because the assessing of the tale can contribute to whether or not it can translate into a full-sized book. Furthermore, the assessing of the story can help determine whether or not it is suitable to contact a traditional publisher or self-publishing the book. Traditional publishers deal with hundreds of applications on a daily basis, so you need to have an outstanding story for them to take an interest.

2. Developing A Structure For The Story

Contrary to belief, a ghostwriter is not an individual who merely types up a story once it is completed – this is a copy editor. The ghostwriter is a person that will use the information provided and create a book for you. They will use all the parts of the tale, regardless of the format in which you offer it, and construct a suitable structure for the book. Furthermore, they will complete all the necessary writing and editing.

3. No Judgement Or Criticism

One of the greatest benefits when you hire a ghostwriter is that they do not judge or criticize your work – or at least they do not judge you to your face. The task of a ghostwriter is to provide guidance and advice on how to express the memoirs correctly to readers without the reader losing interest. This is why it is recommended that you hire a ghostwriter with experience in the field.

When writing memoirs, it is essential that you have a strong rapport with the individual and feel safe in their presence because you will be sharing many secrets with the person. Be sure that this individual is a person you are comfortable chatting to and discussing all types of issues with.

4. Merely A Writer

While a professional ghostwriter will offer advice on how to tell and sell the story, it is you that will have the final say on the printed and published item. A ghostwriter is hired to merely produce the book that you would have written if you had the ability and the time. They must realize that they will not receive credit for writing the book and will remain a ‘ghost’.

5. Consideration Of Joint-Ownership

As is mentioned above, ghostwriters must be willing to accept that they will not have any rights to the published book. It is recommended that a contract is signed beforehand to ensure they are aware of this clause, and this is a security factor should the ghostwriter wish to claim rights on the book.

Of course, it is possible for the published author (that’s you) and the ghostwriter to make a deal for joint-ownership of the book. In a case of joint-ownership, the ghostwriter will be accredited on the cover or flyleaf of the book if you allow it; however, the contents of the book and the rights to publication will belong to you.

6. Overall Discretion

An expert ghostwriter will remain discreet about their role in the production and publication of the book. He or she is hired to make the content readable and the book sell-able, but will never write about or discuss the private content with any other individual without permission.

7. Help Approaching Publishers And Agents

The primary role of a pro ghostwriter may be the production and guidance for publishing a book; however, a ghostwriter can also assist in approaching publishers or agents if necessary. If you opt to self-publish the book, a skilled ghostwriter can offer advice and assistance with this procedure.

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