Your Own Private Ghostwriter Is Ready To Produce High Quality Content

Your Confidential Ghostwriter Is Ready To Create Unique Content Or Your Book.

Your ghostwriter will write memoirs, a book, novel, child’s story or any other unique content, and I know this because I am one of them. However, not all ghostwriters are a jack of all trades when it comes to content. That being said, if you need a writer to draft something for you, it pays to know the market. What do you need written?

Some people think that ghostwriting is only about books. Not only is it not just about books, but industry professionals in this day and age know that even the books that are ghostwritten are typically eBooks. Books in digital format are taking over the world, and that goes hand in hand with the Internet and so many different requests for content to be ghostwritten.

How the industry changed to favor ghostwriters I’m not sure, but it has sure made many writers happy. I have been a confidential and professional ghostwriter, article writer, content writer and you name it, for the last six years. It was a dream of mine to become a writer, and I accomplished that dream thanks to the direction of the industry.

Professional ghostwriters who will stay confidential are quite easy to find. You can sign up for accounts with sites that hire writers directly and have all different kinds of offerings. You can also sign up for sites that have profiles of writers who are ready to work for you on a direct order. Many of these professional ghostwriters are networked with many sites of different types.

One of our favorite non-fiction and memoir ghostwriters is Jerry Payne. Visit his website.

It does pay to know which sites to use to find the best writers. Sometimes that can depend on the type of content you need written. You do get what you pay for, too. Keep that in mind, but also keep in mind that the prices for professionally written content might be cheaper than you think.

That doesn’t mean you want to push cheap though, and I will tell you why. Most professional writers have standards, and they won’t bite on content that doesn’t pay well. That doesn’t mean they won’t give in on their prices and give you a good deal though, especially for basic content and articles. However, certain writers will bite on the lowest prices, and these writers aren’t necessarily people who would have taken up the profession in the past before the industry changed.

The content on the Internet ‘can be’ more basic, and it has changed the standards a little when it comes to professional writing. It hasn’t meant that there aren’t just as many professionally written pieces like when everything was in print form. What it means is that the industry has expanded, offering more opportunities for writers out there. It was the right time for many writers to hop on the train to a growing career.

Aside from ghostwriting, just think about how many people self publish books these days. With some original content and the right online tools and resources, anyone can publish their own material. However, not only is there a market for ghost writers, but there is also a market for graphic designers and more. Just like more and more people think they can become professional writers, they also think that they can do their own graphic design. Trust me, I was one of them, in a way, and I am not skilled enough in that area, at all.

Like I told you before, you get what you pay for. If you throw a cheap price out there, you are going to get a cheap writer. Now there is a bridge the gap mentality to all of this, and it is the simple fact that you need to just price your projects according to the market. Some professional ghostwriters enjoy writing simple pieces that don’t necessarily pay quite as much. The instructions can be less demanding, yet we are good enough at our art to push out a quality piece and have fun doing so.

Think about the type of content you need written. Consider that professionally written pieces that are well researched don’t get the best writers unless they pay 10 cents per word or more. The standard used to be 5 cents. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get professionally written content that reads well and even includes a little research for much less. Prices can start at a penny per word.