How Professional Ghostwriters Beat Writers Block When Writing

If you’re like professional ghostwriters, you already know how challenging writer’s block can be. Here are some great ways to beat writer’s block and get on with your story.

Word Maps

Use a word map. Set the keyword in the middle of the page and work outwards using other keywords, latent semantic indexing or LSI, and keyword phrases.

A word map can pull the writer out of writer’s block and help them to focus more on the story.

Visit The Coffee Shop

Sometimes, all that is needed is a change of scenery. Step into a coffee shop in any local town and you’re sure to hear many great stories.

Just sit back, enjoy the coffee and listen. Let the scene take you away. This is a surefire way to get rid of writer’s block. In fact, it’s a great way to get new material.

Visit The Shopping Mall

Have a seat in the middle of any shopping mall and people watch. It’s amazing how this works. People from all walks of life will head to shopping malls.

Young and old, teens and parents, everyone loves to shop. A few minutes of this may be all it takes or spend a few hours observing the crowds. Listen in carefully and you’re sure to hear some great stories that will nudge writer’s block right out the window.

Hire a Non Fiction or Memoir Ghostwriter


Head to a local park and watch people. From young to old and everyone in between you’re sure to see it in a park.

If you’re there during a Farmer’s Market or a festival, you’re sure to find even more ways to get rid of writer’s block.

Read A Book

Every writer has a favorite author. Most have more than one. Grab a book by a favorite author and read for 30 minutes to an hour.

This takes the mind off of the job and hand and opens up the mind to new ideas. Be sure to jot down the good ideas and use them.

Take A Walk

Take a walk and stroll through a local shopping area, tourist area, cemetery, or just a neighborhood. This is an ideal way to generate new ideas.

Regardless of where the walk is taken, use observation skills and focus in on the scenery and what is at hand. Watch the wildlife and focus on refreshing the mind.

Wild Life

Watch wildlife in the yard, at a zoo, a park or neighborhood. Squirrels, farm animals and more are a great thing to watch when trying to generate more ideas.

By focusing on something else ideas are sure to come to mind and they will be welcome when the writer is struggling with what to write.

Call A Friend

Everyone has that “one friend” that they can count on in life. Call that friend and just visit.

It takes the mind off of the struggle and redirects the brain. After a short phone call, it is amazing at how the ideas will flow.

Take A Nap

Sometimes, writer’s block is due to lack of sleep. Schedule in a nap now and again and take a break from writing.

Naps help to refresh the mind and give it a better outlook. If struggling to rationalize the nap, allow 30 minutes and set a timer. It really helps.

All of these ideas work well for writer’s block. They will help to redirect the mind and give the brain a new focus during the times that they are struggling.

Don’t hesitate to use more than one idea on any given day. Often, a break is all that is needed to generate new ideas.

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